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Welcome to our historic stop on Route 66 in Arizona. at mile marker 80. A few changes have taken place in 2016 as John and Kerry Pritchard have retired to live the quiet life here in Hackberry. Max, the lovable rescue dog and Rudy, the donkey, have also retired from their “jobs” as greeters to anyone kind enough to pet them. John could not part with his red 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, so unfortunately the era of that lovely car always in front of the store has come to a close. John gave the Corvette convertible to his son...

Amy Franklin, a resident of Hackberry since 1999 is the new owner and caretaker of the fantastic lifelong collection John and Kerry left in her trust. Take some time to peruse the many maps, books, signs and artifacts relating to historic Route 66. Be certain to check out our decorated restrooms. The men’s room is still in process of being completed, but be assured all the “girls” will be back on the walls soon! A 1990 Chevrolet Corvette now stands in front of the store,, wrapped in the American Flag. This beautiful work was done by LasVegasCarWraps.com.

Although the 1990 ‘Vette is not as precious as John’s ’57 was but it is over 25 years old, which makes it an antique. We hope you enjoy snapping pictures of it.

You may see our new addition, “Charlie” an orange and white cat who adopted us last September, sleeping on our old police car or in the shade on an old Coca Cola cooler outside. He is friendly but once he rolls over on his back he may playfully grab your hand with all four paws!